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Colt's ColtLights... America's Finest Illumination

Thank You For Making Colt One Of The Fastest Growing Illumination Brands In the World!

Better Quality
Weapon Mountable On Long-Rifles
Mil-Spec Builds
Momentary Switch Systems
Exceptional Durability
Hard-Coated - Hardened Aluminum
Double-Clips for Convenient Use
Get More Candela Per Lumen for a longer run-time

The Wound Channel Tests The Colt MS400 Rail-Mounted integral mount system, and the 800 Lumen JUDGE
No Flash under recoil....Colt Changes the World Of Illumination

The Colt MScepter in this video is the MS400 2AA Integral Mount Weapon Light designed to be the toughest integral mount illumination system in the world.

Colt's Judge Shot 4 Times Point Blank with a 12 Guage and Lives to Shine Another day... Colt Now Ranked The Worlds Toughest Combat-Duty Lights.
The Colt Judge was simply designed to be the toughest slimline tactical light in production, world-wide.

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Introducing The MScepter MS400
Superb Quality. Maximum Performance. 6 in 1 Mount Configurations
Over 150 Years of Legend