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Weapon And Tactical Light Series

What Makes Colt's New lines of Tactical Illumination Different??

1) Colt's Weapon and Tactical Lights were designed to be the World's Only line of Illumination products built to exceed All US and Global Military Standards for True Tactical and Weapon Illumination; Colt Illumination Products were simply designed by Colt's World-Class illumination engineers, to withstand the worst conditions on earth.

2) All Colt Illumination Products are Type-3 hard-coated, the toughest mil-spec coating for any aluminum product line.

3) All Colt Illumination products are built with a combination of advanced High Density 6061 Aluminum metals and high-carbon steel.

4) All Colt illumination products are "weapon-mountable"; Warranted against and capable of handling the industrial shock and recoil from any rifle caliber.

5) Colt Lights use ONLY machined optics instead of the low cost magnifiers and plastic reflectors used by others; Providing more Candela per Lumen than other brands.

6) Many Colt Illumination products utilize standard battery types, and rate  ANSI testing with conventional AA and AAA Duracell batteries; Providing convenient battery availability world-wide. We don't "Bait and Switch" as some brands do while they use high-voltage non conventional batteries during their ANSI testing. With Colt, you get Maximum performance lumen per lumen just as stated on our product specifications

BigDaddyHoffman Tests The Colt MS400 on a ShotGun
No Flash under recoil....Colt Changes the World Of Illumination

Colt's Judge Shot 4 Times Point Blank with a 12 Guage and Lives to Shine Another day... Colt Now Ranked The Worlds Toughest Combat-Duty Lights

Introducing The MScepter MS400
Superb Quality. Maximum Performance. 6 in 1 Mount Configurations
Over 150 Years of Legend