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Colt's ColtLights... America's Finest Illumination

Colt... America's Finest Professional FLASHLIGHTS..."Are You Pack'n a Colt ?!!"

* Quality Illumination
* Built for the Rugged Professional
* Extreme-Durability for Military Use
* Momentary Switch Systems
* Waterproof & Chemical-Resistant
* Hard-Coated 
* Double-Clips

The COLT MS400 Weapon-Light Review....

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Introducing The Colt Magna Carta®

The 2019 COLT Magna Carta® is by far the most advanced illumination tool in modern history. Featuring the space-aged  magno-induction technology combined with COLT's Exclusive Biclops® Side-Scan Technology which eliminates 100% of peripheral blindness while maintaining a superb center beam with limitless brightness intensity adjustability; And providing The modern Statesman with power and output performance normally only associated with high-intensity CODE-3 vehicle lightbars. The Magna Carta® is geared for use with unmarked diplomatic vehicles and their operators, demanding technology far beyond anything ever designed by any other company in the lighting industry.

The COLT Magna-Carta® was built with the capability to illuminate a stadium's field by utilizing its advance machined optics which amplifies 2000 lumens of light volume in a way unattainable with energy-wasting competitor's lights of up to 10,000 lumens; And does so, with overwhelming performance and ocular comfort never before experienced in the world of modern illumination technology and industry.

Its high-performance self-contained recharge system, with hot-swap battery technology, allow the Magna-Carta® to operate all night long for use when field-lights are otherwise unavailable.
And when clearing civilian traffic ahead of your vehicle's entourage, the Magna-Carta's easily engageable Code-3 system provides exceptional full-field visibility from nearly all forward positions, providing maximum safety during CODE-3 maneuvers.

When your protecting Heads of State, the COLT Magna-Carta® Advanced Illumination system will provide your team with all of the power and convenience you need, Packed in a compact design easily mountable and yet small enough to comfotably carry, in the palm of your hand.
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Available by pre-order. For GOVERNMENT USE ONLY.

For Additional information, Contact us directly for Specifications and orders at [email protected]
Introducing The MScepter MS400
Superb Quality. Maximum Performance. 6 in 1 Mount Configurations
Over 150 Years of Legend