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Q) What is a Tactical Light Dealer for Colt's illumination program?
A) It's a dealer that stock Colt Weapon and or tactical Light products. You don't have to be a Colt gun dealer to be a Colt Tactical Light dealer.

Q) And What do we give in return?
A) How about the Industry's Highest Margins for even our entry level dealers with even more margin for larger dealer packs. And you know that those margins are Awesome! Double your cash on every sale when you upsell a light with every gun sale.

Q) Are Colt's lights priced competitively?

A) Yes, and even priced below our top competitors.

Q) How is the quality and how does the performance compare?
A) It's Far better quality, since unlike most competitors, we make them for combat duty and Law Enforcement use. You will see that the quality difference compare to any and every competitor is noticeably better quality with a substantially better build with LED power up to 1200 Lumens

And performance...We get more performance from our 200 lumen 1 AA weapon light than most competitors of similar size get from their 300 lumen weapon lights using their lithium batteries. And more performance from our 400 Lumen 2 AA weapon light than our competitors 500 Lumen lights of similar size. Even though they use CR123 batteries.

Best of all, Our weapon lights are the only ones in the industry with modular interchangeable designs allowing for so many weapon mount options.

And at 1200 Lumens from just 1 LED, we made one of the brightest compact Tactical light in human history...And we didn't overcharge for it. Twice the quality, twice the performance, half the price....and No compromises.
.....And you still make heafty Margins.

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Colt's 800 Lumen Judge VS 4 Shots from the 12 Gauge

Over 150 Years of Legend